I’m running for City Council because I believe in our community. I believe we’re all responsible and must work for the betterment of our community. We can be a leader. We can be the city other cities strive to be. I’m also running for my family’s future. I’m ready to roll up my sleeves and work for my family and yours. I want our children to live in a city they can proudly call home. I believe all our children deserve meaningful opportunities and an inclusive community that welcomes people from all walks of life


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Traffic Improvement:

Snellville lacks viable transportation options. This has gone on for too long. Meanwhile, other parts of Gwinnett benefit from increased transportation access. It saddens me to see Snellville left behind. We deserve leadership willing to commit. We need leadership that will get this done. My family and I have called Snellville home for eighteen years and not much has changed. It’s time for improvement. Our families deserve better.

Education and Career Development:

We’re seeing career development across the county and Snellville should be no different. Too many of our young adults attend high school without a clear vision. We don’t prepare them for what’s next or how to achieve it. Our school system is doing their part and so should our city. We must ensure that Snellville is a place full of opportunities, so our young ones can live up to their full potential. This requires proactive, outside-the-box thinking and community programs. I’m proposing a Youth Entrepreneur Center in collaboration with the school system and local businesses.

The center can partner with current or proposed project facilities. It would create internships in collaboration with local business or startups. This provides real-world experience. It shows young leaders what it takes to run a business and develops invaluable life skills. This would also serve as a method to encourage new small businesses and startups to call Snellville home. It improves inclusion in the city and creates a more vibrant community.

A Snellville where we can Live, Work and Play:  

Gwinnett is booming. From Duluth to Lawrenceville, we see growth all around. Let’s be part of that growth and build a Snellville that provides its citizens a quality of life. I envision a Snellville that keeps residents here instead of driving to neighboring communities to enjoy recreation, shopping and business. This requires us being intentional with our projects, programs, and partnerships. We should strive for development that meets the needs of our community.

I’ll encourage shared space models that encourage innovation, new entrepreneurship, and growth. Snellville can also benefit from the growth and expansion of mixed-use developments. If elected I will focus on quality of life including, live, work, and play neighborhoods. Together, we’ll move beyond talking about a vibrant downtown square and start building it.